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As the saying goes, “what gets measured gets done”. Or to translate that into more formal business language Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the vital navigation tools that help organizations and individuals understand whether they are on the path that leads to success, or importantly not as the case may be, and drive the necessary changes in behavior and focus.

The correct set of KPIs help managers target areas of poor performance enabling insight to be gained and corrective action to be taken sooner. Also importantly, well designed and managed KPIs allow managers to highlight areas of success and to communicate with and lead their teams with more conviction and positive focus. Clearly KPIs, when identified and designed correctly, and when properly managed have a huge bearing on the delivery of successful outcomes. Conversely, poorly designed KPIs, or KPIs that are poorly maintained can feed misinformation and build poor or incorrect insight, potentially scampering even the most successful enterprises. It’s therefore vital to make sure that your KPIs have been well conceived and that they can be well maintained over time.

When is it appropriate to use independent KPI consultants?

Our KPI consultants specifically design tailor made services to help organizations of all sizes and industries to develop and use the correct KPIs for their particular requirements and situations. By developing relevant and meaningful KPIs for even the most intangible areas of performance our KPI consultants help our clients to design and then analyze, visualize, report and use performance information and also to audit KPI to build better insights and ultimately drive their businesses towards success. And importantly when required we are also on hand for our clients when the data throws up unexpected results, helping to interpret information and bringing an impartial voice to help clarify and build better insight.

All of our individual consultancy services are tailored to each of our clients’ particular requirements but commonly our KPI design and management offering covers the following areas:

  • Assessing and optimizing existing performance measurement techniques and designing a future path of development and improvement.
  • Developing internal insight and learning, and building alignment around identifying and agreeing the correct areas of performance to track and what constitutes a meaningful target and benchmark per KPI.
  • Developing reporting tools such as dashboards and scorecards to allow complex information to be presented and digested efficiently.
  • And similarly, developing data visualizations, charts and graphs to ensure effective communication of information and subsequent insights are simple to digest and track over time
  • Identifying potential negative or perverse KPI incentives and building safeguards to remove or protect against these.
  • Ensuring data capture and storage systems are setup to best-practice standards for both qualitative and quantitative data types.
  • Developing analyzing systems and processes and helping client teams to implement and maintain these going forward
  • Delivering internal training and learning programs to assist in developing a more target driven, evidence-based and KPI focused decision making culture.

Our wealth of expertise and knowledge mean that our KPI consultant is Certified Professional from KPI, Institute, Australia and have in depth practical knowledge to develop better, more finely tuned measurement focused KPI tools and strategies. Consultants take pride in helping our clients’ measure even the most intangible areas of their businesses, bringing them insight; knowledge and market defining decision making capabilities that were previously out of reach.

To find out more about how our KPI Consultant could help your organization to become more targeted and focused on the levers of success email us at [email protected], use the form or call us on +88 01713144290

Premium Consultancy Services

  • Organizational Workshop of “KPI Based PMS” (3 days to educate & transfer know-how of KPI) for Department managers and above.
  • Full Range Consultancy of Employee Performance Management System through KPI
  • KPI Audit
  • Quarterly Performance Management Report
  • End to End Performance Management Solutions