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May 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
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Savvy Consultancy & Training is a Performance Management Consultancy & Training firm in Bangladesh offering full range of KPI consulting, training and organizational development solutions to help you strengthen employee engagement, improve individual and team performance, and plan for the future.

Savvy Consultancy & Training arranges day long public program on “KPI Based PMS”. Why KPI Based Performance Management? As the saying goes, “what gets measured gets done”. or to translate that into more formal business language Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the vital navigation tools that help organizations and individuals understand whether they are on the path that leads to success, or importantly not as the case may be, and drive the necessary changes in behavior and focus.

The correct set of KPIs help managers target areas of poor performance enabling insight to be gained and corrective action to be taken sooner. Also importantly, well designed and managed KPIs allow managers to highlight areas of success and to communicate with and lead their teams with more conviction and positive focus. Clearly KPIs, when identified and designed correctly, and when properly managed have a huge bearing on the delivery of successful outcomes. Conversely, poorly designed KPIs, or KPIs that are poorly maintained can feed misinformation and build poor or incorrect insight, potentially scampering even the most successful enterprises. It’s therefore vital to make sure that your KPIs have been well conceived and that they can be well maintained over time.


Introduction To The World of KPIs

• Course outline and expectations
• Challenges in Performance Measurement
• Key Performance Indicators concept map
• Strategy and performance management terminology review
• KPI historical overview and current state of practice
• Management theory informing the value added by using KPIs
The Pillars of KPI Architecture

• Interdisciplinary systemic worldview
• KPI lifecycle
• KPI use case scenarios
• KPI architecture toolkit
• KPI architecture skills
• KPI architect’s role in the world of KPIs

KPI Selection

• KPI typology
• Sources of relevant KPIs
• Essential KPI examples
• The generic KPI selection process

KPI Documentation

• Functions of the KPI documentation form
• KPI documentation form design
• KPI documentation process
• Target setting process

Data Visualization: Designing KPI Dashboards And Scorecards

• Good practice in data visualization
• KPI toolkit spotlight: The Balanced Scorecard
• KPI toolkit spotlight: The KPI Dashboard
• KPI toolkit spotlight: The Performance Healthogram

KPI Data Gathering and Reporting

• The KPI data gathering process
• KPI activation tools and techniques
• Business analysis techniques
• Report compilation

Generating Value From Using KPIs

• Building organizational performance measurement capability

  • Performance linking to rewards
  • The human aspects of performance


Trainers Profile:

Mr. Mostafa Kamal is a Certified KPI Practitioner (C-KPI Practitioner), Certified KPI Professional (C-KPIP), Certified Reward Professional (CRP), Certified Talent Acquisition Professional (CTAP), Certified OD Developer (ODD), Certified Learning & Development Professional (CLDP), Certified Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) of Global Credentials, motivator & speaker and Train The Trainer (TTT) from Bangalore, India. Mr. Kamal takes his pride in the history of contributing training expertise in promoting professional excellence across diverse functional disciplines. He has demonstrated matured professional grip in designing & delivering high impact training modules catering to the specialized needs of the individuals. With extraordinary public speaking, behavioral and selling skills with capability to instill the essence of these traits among trainees to develop them into improved performers. Mr. Kamal has his own way to activate individuals with their unique style. Mr. Kamal worked for renowned multinational companies as Head of HR and possess MBA in HRM, MA in English and PGD in HRM. As part of lifelong learning strategy, he is on the verge of achieving Certified Balanced Scorecard Professional from BSC Institute, USA.


For Details please contact:

Cell: +8801714106921

E-mail: [email protected]

Contact Person: Mr. Selim Miah

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